Municipal Airport

A runway at Muncipal Airport with a plane at the end of it
A plane sitting in a grass field

About Livingston Municipal Airport

Livingston Municipal Airport, an uncontrolled general aviation utility airport, is located on the eastern side of Lake Livingston in the west central part of Polk County, approximately 6 miles southwest of downtown Livingston on FM 350 South, at an elevation of 151 feet above sea level. The Airport property accommodates Runway 12/30, the Runway Protection Zones (RPZs), hangar access taxiways, and aircraft parking aprons. The airport is situated on 90.385 acres of land owned by the City of Livingston.

The Airport features 3,700 feet of lighted runway with has fuel availability.

The City of Livingston also has two drainage easements on the northeasterly side of the airport and a right-of-way easement, which is located between the most northerly corner of the airport property, for the airport access road. An airport height hazard zoning ordinance was enacted November 5, 1991.

The FAA identifier for the Airport is 00R (Zero Zero R). The coordinates are N30.41.15, W95.01.08. The Unicom frequency is 122.7. A 2012 diagram of the Airport layout can be viewed here.

Pilot Activities

The Airport serves the following pilot activities:
  • Corporate
  • Governmental
  • Private
  • Recreational
  • Residential
  • Student
The airport continues to be an essential component in the economic development of the City of Livingston, Lake Livingston and Polk County.


The Airport is adjacent to the Lake Livingston Airpark subdivision, a private subdivision developed in 1986 and is located on the southwesterly side of the airport. The Airport's southwesterly property line and the Subdivision's northeasterly property line are contiguous.

Air-Side vs Land-Side

Airport facilities are divided into two groups - air-side and land-side. The air-side facilities include the 3,700 foot by 60 foot runway, taxiways, airport lighting, and navigational aids among other items. The parking apron, fuel facilities, and automobile parking are considered land-side facilities. A partial parallel taxiway, 35 feet in width, is located on the northeasterly side of the north 530 feet of the runway.


The City of Livingston sells 100LL AVGAS using a credit card-operated system. The system consists of a skid-mounted, EPA-approved, 10,000 gallon above-ground storage tank and fuel dispenser.


Currently, there are no public hangars located on airport property. All hangars are privately owned and constructed on adjacent private property, either in the Airpark Subdivision or on private properties on the northeast side of the Airport. All of the hangars are conventional or Quonset-type hangars. There are no T-hangars available for storage of aircraft.

Annual Airport Access Agreement

Per FAA regulations, access to the Airport facilities by aircraft from adjacent private properties is only granted by the signing of a "through the fence" access agreement with the City and the payment of an annual access fee. For more information on the access agreement, please contact the City Secretary at 936-327-4311 or by email.