1. Certified Retirement Community

    Nestled in the tall East Texas pines and surrounded by scenic country roads, beautiful lakes and rivers, and filled with some of the friendliest folks you will ever meet is Polk County. Find information about certified retirement communities and other information about Polk County.

  2. Chamber of Commerce

    The mission of the Livingston - Polk County Chamber of Commerce is to enhance the success of business, tourism, and civic interests of Polk County and to promote the quality of life for all citizens.

  3. Community Businesses

    Find area businesses, hospitals, and social services contacts in the City Of Livingston.

  4. Community Calendar

    Access calendars to view upcoming events.

  5. Community Data

    Find community data including Sales Tax Receipts, major employers, and learn about the economic base.

  6. Community News

    Read current news and announcements.

  7. Community Voice

    Interact with the government by suggesting initiatives, posting ideas, and sharing in conversations around community proposals.

  8. Contact Us

    Learn how to contact the City of Livingston.

  9. Drought Contingency Plan

    Under the Drought Contingency Plan adopted by the City Council on May 10, 2011, the City Manager has the authority to initiate or terminate drought response measures, as needed.

  10. Economic Base

    Lake Livingston, one of the largest lakes in the State of Texas, was completed in 1973 and is located 15 miles west of Livingston on U.S. Highway 190. Lake Livingston, which covers approximately 90,000 surface acres, is an important tourist attraction and an economic asset to the City.

  11. Education - Livingston Independent School District

    Learn about the Livingston Independent School District and find out what schools are a part of the district.

  12. Emergency Notification System

    The Blackboard Connect Emergency Notification system allows authorized City leaders, Police Department and Emergency personnel to rapidly alert citizens and subscribers to any situation affecting the safety and welfare of the City.

  13. Energy, Water & Winter Weather Tips

    Find easy water and energy conservation tips.

  14. Fix-It Request

    Report a problem that was found in the City of Livingston and request to have it fixed.

  15. Helpful Links

    Find helpful links for United States Government Offices, State of Texas Offices, County School Districts, County Churches, and Community Service.

  16. History

    Moses L. Choate, a native of Livingston, Tennessee, had started a settlement called Springfield on his land grant in 1835, and wanted the seat of government located there when Polk County was organized out of Liberty County in 1846.

  17. Landowner's Bill of Rights (PDF)

    View the Texas Landowner's Bill of Rights.

  18. Livingston Specialty Merchant's Guide

    The Livingston Specialty Merchants' Guild welcomes you to the Livingston area. Perfectly situated in the rolling hills of East Texas surrounded by acres of forests and minutes away from Lake Livingston, the second largest lake in Texas.

  19. Mosquito Information

    Find out how prevent mosquito breeding, how to protect yourself against mosquitoes, and find helpful resources.

  20. Parks & Facilities

    Check out area parks, facilities, and a list of their amenities.

  21. Polk County

    Learn more about Polk County including information about County offices, District offices, and County regulations.

  22. Public Information Request Form (PDF)

    View the City of Livingston's Public Information Request Form.

  23. Recycling Resources

    Find area companies that offer recycling and learn about the E-Recycling event.

  24. Street Map

    View a street map of the City of Livingston.

  25. Take Care of Texas

    As Texans, it is our job to preserve these abundant gifts for this generation and for all those who follow.

  26. Texas Film Commission

    The Texas Film Commission is your first stop for resources that serve the film, television, commercial, animation, visual effects and video game industries of Texas.