Sanitation Service

The city has contracted with Santek Waste Services to provide twice weekly curbside collection of residential garbage and trash. All garbage must be placed in plastic bags which are provided by the city. Rolls of 100 plastic bags are provided to customers twice annually, at six-month intervals, at no charge. If customers require additional bags, they can be picked up at City Hall for a charge of $18 per box.


Collection days are Monday and Thursday for residents east of Business 59 (Washington Avenue) and Tuesday and Friday for residents west of Business 59 (Washington Avenue). For information, please call Waste Services at 936-327-6829.

Heavy Trash Pickup

The city has contracted with Waste Services to provide collection of:
  • Appliances
  • Brush
  • Furniture
  • Grass Clippings
  • Heavy Trash
  • Leaves
  • Limbs
These items will be collected along with the regular household garbage on the second collection day of the week. There is no limit on the number of bags or bundles which will be collected on the second service day of each week. In order to collect appliances, the Contractor requires that the customer furnish a 'Certificate of Refrigerant Removal' for filing with their organization. These certificates may be furnished by the City or by Waste Services to any resident in need of such disposal.


The City has been divided into four sections for brush collection. Brush and tree limbs will be collected in each section on its designated Friday within the calendar month:
  • Northwest Section - 1st Friday
  • Northeast Section - 2nd Friday
  • Southwest Section - 3rd Friday
  • Southeast Section - 4th Friday
If you are unsure as to which section your street is located, please call City Hall at 936-327-4311 to be advised of your scheduled pickup day.


Fees for residential garbage service, twice weekly, shall be $19 per month. Each trailer or mobile home shall be considered a separate residence. Also, each unit of an apartment complex is to be considered a separate residence.

Non-containerized commercial fees shall be as follows:
  1. Fee for bagged service, twice weekly, shall be $20.25 per month.
  2. Fee for one 90-gallon plastic toter, provided by Contractor, twice weekly, shall be $38.50 per month.
  3. Fee for two 90-gallon plastic toters, provided by Contractor, twice weekly, shall be $57 per month.

Container Service Fees

Container Size
1X Weekly
2X Weekly
3X Weekly
4X Weekly
5X Weekly
2 Yard
$67.75 $112.85 $158 $213.80 $267.30
3 Yard
$74.80 $117.60 $167.50 $221.40 $270.85
4 Yard
$87.90 $139 $203.15 $267.30 $330.25
6 Yard
$108.10 $167.50 $244.75 $320.75 $396.80
8 Yard
$129.50 $213.80 $297 $380.20 $463.30