Completed Projects

  • Assisted the Sam Rayburn Municipal Power Agency's contractor Kulaga Construction Company with the construction of an electric express feeder to connect the Livingston electric substation on the east side of Livingston with the Ogletree electric substation on the west side of Livingston to provide increased reliability and redundancy in the city's electrical distribution system.
  • Assisted in the Electrical Safety Training at the Annual Livingston Volunteer Fire Department Fire School.
  • Continued maintenance of rights-of-way throughout the City including mowing of vegetation, tree trimming and removal of dead or problem trees.
  • Performed routine maintenance of both Livingston and Ogletree electric substations.
  • Participated in the annual lighted Christmas parade with a float.
  • Assisted with roof replacement project at Barney Wiggins Memorial Arena including removal and replacement of light fixtures, the relocation of electrical service in some areas, and the trimming of trees along the south side of the arena. In addition, four new poles were set at the new entrance to fairgrounds off of Fair Street.
  • Assisted with installation of Livingston Main Street ‘Tree of Lights' in Anniversary Park, the lighted chandelier at the intersection of Polk and Jackson and the new pine cone pole decoration at Milam and Jackson.
  • Electric linemen participated in six safety meetings hosted by Texas Electric Cooperatives.
  • Installed three 50 kva transformers and metering equipment, one span of No. 4 primary, set new pole and hung crossarms to serve Melbo's Convenience Store.
  • Ran new service to Habitat for Humanity house on Colita.
  • Installed electrical service to newly constructed storage building at wastewater treatment plant.
  • Replaced two spans of primary overhead line with one span of secondary underground on Matthews Street.
  • Connected new electrical service at Matthews Street Park Walking Trail for additional lighting installed in coordination with Sam Houston Electric Cooperative's community service project.
  • Installed new electrical service to storage building constructed at Livingston Municipal Golf Course.
  • Maintained night lights, street lights and floodlights throughout the City.
  • C.M. Joslin completed tree trimming along the electric distribution lines in the northeast section of the City.
  • Maintained the lights at:
    • Barney Wiggins Memorial Arena Fairgrounds
    • Baseball Fields
    • Livingston Municipal Airport
    • Livingston Municipal Library
    • LVFD Fire Training Field
    • Matthews Street Park
    • Tennis Courts
    • Livingston Municipal Complex
A collage of photos showing the electric crew working on power poles

Public Power System

Legislation was passed in May, 1999 to deregulate the electric utility industry in January, 2002 to allow customers a choice of electrical providers and, hopefully, to provide lower electric rates. Your Livingston Municipal Electric System operates as a municipally-owned electric system and you, as residents of the city, are the owners of the electrical system.

While there are many advantages to public power, the greatest asset to the city's ownership of the electrical distribution system is that all the profits from the system remain within the community to benefit the local citizens by providing other facilities and services such as parks, library, fire and police protection and streets and drainage. Additionally, the city's ownership of the electric distribution system allows the city to operate without an ad valorem property tax.

The hallmarks of public power - local ownership, local control, community development, and reliable electric service - are a benefit to the citizens of Livingston and have allowed our city to grow and prosper.

Electric System

The City of Livingston owns and operates the electric system which was established in 1922 and consists of two substations interconnected to two separate lines of Entergy and approximately 75 miles of 13 kV distribution lines. The City currently provides electric service to 3,244 customers within the city limits.

Pay Utility Bill

Pay your utility bill on the Utility Billing website.

System Statistics

Electric Sales for Last Ten (10) Years.
Year Number of Customers
KWH Sold - Residential
KWH Sold - Commercial
2002 3,232 28,769,229 47,893,524 76,662,753
3,221 29,146,576 48,340,734 77,487,310
2004 3,238 29,229,573 50,271,654 79,501,227
3,278 30,113,643 51,965,355 82,078,998
2006 3,281 29,935,701 53,842,837 82,778,538
2007 3,325 30,371,804 52,570,936 82,942,740
2008 3,329 29,226,472 52,695,081 81,921,533
2009 3,331 30,428,769 53,626,613 84,055,382
2010 3,296 32,130,530 54,899,822 87,030,412
2011 3,244 31,409,976 57,409,721 88,819,697