City Council

The City Council is responsible for:
  • Adopting the Annual Budget
  • Adopting Ordinances
  • Approving Contractual Agreements
  • Making Appointments to Various Positions
  • Making Policy Decisions
Key appointments made by the City Council are the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, City Secretary, City Attorney and Municipal Court Judge.

City Manager

The City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City. His/Her responsibilities include:
  • Enforcement of All City Ordinances
  • Implementation of Policies Established by the City Council
  • Oversight of All City Departments
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Supervision of Municipal Employees and Programs

City Secretary

The City Secretary is responsible for:
  • Administrative Duties Prescribed by the City Council
  • Conducting Municipal Elections
  • Issuance of Permits and Licenses
  • Preparation of the City Council Minutes, Agendas, Ordinances, and Resolutions
  • Recording and Maintaining Official Records of the City
The City Secretary also serves as Records Management Officer.

Assistant to City Manager

The Assistant to the City Manager is delegated various management and administrative duties under the direction of the City Manager to facilitate operation of city departments. The Assistant to the City Manager also serves as Public Information Officer.

City Attorney

The City Attorney provides legal counsel to the City Manager, City Council and City staff for all legal work related to the City and prosecutes misdemeanors in Municipal Court.

Human Resources Coordinator

The Human Resources Coordinator is responsible for:
  • Administering the Employee Fringe Benefit Package
  • Employment Opportunity Advertisements and Applications
  • Handling Workers' Compensation and Liability Claims
  • Maintaining All Personnel and Payroll-Related Records

Annual Report

View most recent and previous Annual Reports for the City of Livingston.

City of Livingston Organizational Chart